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English program:
Program Objectives: The English program aims at preparing students to be specialists with a sound grounding in the English language skills and the theories of international business management and practice and our students have passed Professional English level 4 & 8 and can pursue a career related to Business management in any business sector, organization and government as integrated senior tanlent.
Degree conferred : Bachelor's degre of Literature
Major courses: The main course of common English professional: English intensive reading, English reading, English listening, oral English, basic English writing, senior English, advanced English writing, English and American literature study, simultaneous interpretation, etc.
Exclusive international business direction all England or bilingual main course are: business English audio-visual, business English translation theory and practice, business English interpretation, business English reading, business English writing, economics principle, economic law, industry and commerce introduction, international trade practice, international communication and business communication, international business, etc.
Exclusive international in the direction of propagation main course are: news English audio-visual, news English translation theory and practice, news English interpretation, news English reading and writing English news, journalism, mass communication and international communication and broadcast television news up to date, and international exchange and communication, radio and television programme production, etc.



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