Academic Research

BWU has renewed emphasis on interdisciplinary integration and its research meeting the needs of social and economic development in Beijing, as well as its achievements in the field of Modern Logistics which are influential both in and out of country. In the recent three years, 189 research projects have been undertaken by BWU, 38 of which are national or provincial projects.
BWU faculty has published 2081 thesis and 158 books, and was granted 6 patents in their effort to advance new research frontiers that improve lives and society.
Key Laboratory and research platform
one of the Key laboratories of Beijing Municipality --- Logistics Systems and Technology Laboratory
Beijing Modern Logistics Base of Philosophy and Social Science
Research Base
Beijing Engineering Research Center for Logistics Technology in
Higher Education
key research projects
one of the 15 National Scientific and Technological Projects: ??the Key
Technology Research of Modern Logistics in Small Towns??
research project: ??Research of China Petroleum E-Commerce
Planning?? National Natural Science Foundation
key project of Ministry of Education in the National Education
"Eleventh Five-Year Plan"



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