ADDRESS: Tongzhou District, Beijing
CONTACT NUMBER: 86-10-89534111
EMAIL ADDRESS: gjzx@bwu.edu.cn
1. AGE: under 60 is better
2. HEALTH: good
3. TEACHING PERIOD: Sep. 15 th 2013 to July 15 th 2014(including one month of winter vocation)
4. DEGREE: bachelor or above
5. TEACHING BACKGROUND: having two years?? English teaching experience or above
1??  130 yuan per class (50 minutes every class, before tax)
2??  Apartment for about 70m 2(including a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, a washroom and balcony. Also with television, telephone, air condition, refrigerator, micro oven, pans, ), water, and internet free(electricity over 3000 kilowatt-hour and gas is paid by foreign teacher).
3??  Medical insurance??China Ping an Company ,in be hospitalized situation??
4??  University??s clinic care services (designated hospital to see the doctor and use the prescription to reimburse 80% of outpatient service cost)
5??  12,000 yuan air ticket fee per year.
6??  2000 yuan for midterm and 2500 yuan for end of term if Foreign Language Department??s valuation is excellence.
7??  All the fees for visa and physical examination.



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